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Thursday, 16 April 2015 15:14

Rilys plays a pivotal role in the local community.

From one off donations to full sponsorships, Rilys plays a pivotal role in the local community. With government cutbacks to local services, we believe as a business that we must take a more proactive role in helping the community by providing extra support to local services.

Even with a tough economic situation where the service sector has suffered the worst, we at Rilys have doubled our budget for donations and sponsorship for the local community.

Some of the bigger projects we have been involved in include the sponsorship of Studley Youth Football Team, a £1000.00 donation to the Redditch Palace Theatre and helping with the renovation at the Cookhill Cricket Club.

In addition to the donations and sponsorships, the management have individually been involved in many local events including membership of the Redditch Town Partnership, selected as a Chief in the "Dragon's Den" style project to improve the town. This has been a rewarding experience for the management as well as great exposure for the business in the community.

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